Why ban birth into poverty?

Of every 10 children born today at least 5 will be abused, 4 won't see age ten, 3 won't have a toilet, 2 won't be vaccinated & 1 won't have basic food or education.

Imagine if we set aside $10,000 for every child to ensure 100 years of bare, basic necessities. Imagine this is a law in all countries.

  • everyone will be born safe and secure
  • no one will ever be hungry, unclothed or unsheltered
  • racism and bias will have no existence
  • crime will be a thing of the past
  • justice will always be swift and effective
  • no one will die of preventable or treatable causes
  • everyone will be able to live in harmony with nature
  • everyone can pursue their dreams

  • I have had this idea since 2003 but very few supporters. I don't understand why people are hesitant to ban birth into poverty when 20,000 children die every day.