Message of the Perfect World

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Failure of Democracy

Today, most countries follow democracy. Why is this so? The people of a country ought to decide what is best for them and democracy ensures that the people govern themselves. This is quite the opposite of dictatorship. But is it close to our real ideal? Doesn’t anyone of us want to live in a perfect world? If people govern themselves, make the laws and decide their future, is that close to perfection? Of course it isn’t. Perfection is every human being treated like a human and not a single human being treated like an animal. Will democracy erase the sheer hopelessness into which most humans are born every day? The endless poverty? No, it won’t. Let democracy remain as a system that prevents tyranny and dictatorship. But let there also be better laws to prevent human birth into poverty. Since the people make the laws, it’s in their own hands whether to attain perfection in their society, if they abhor poverty, if they care for every human who is to be born, they will do it.

The majority, the billions of people living in less than respectable, inhuman conditions, who inhabit the earth today cannot be ignored. Their ways of living will affect those who live otherwise because they are the majority. We hail democracy as our savior but it is hardly worthy of such a title. Democracy will ensure that the poor majority will make the decisions in the poor countries and those decisions, though benefiting the poor, will not also stop short of bringing the rich to the level of the poor. With the population explosion on the horizon and especially the poor being the major contributors to it, the degradation of living standards is not only imminent but also inescapably obvious. Why is something so obvious being chosen for blatant dismissal and disregard in the minds of the billions who inhabit the earth today? With poverty comes disease, crime, injustice, pain, sorrow, overcrowding and more poverty. And all of it is going to spread and make itself the accepted standard of living.

Democracy fails because it tries to secure the interests of adults and not the weaker and less independent portion of the population, who are the children, who are, without doubt, the more deserving members of the population. Also, for a society to be stable in the long run, its very basic blocks need to be secured, namely the children who are the citizens of tomorrow. ‘Democracy + Child Protection Law’ is the perfect solution to the need for social order. The Child Protection Law protects infants and children who cannot voice their opinion or run their country. Democracy will remain as the self-governing, decision-making machinery run by the adult population section. The law should protect the interests of the infants and children who exist today as well as those who are yet to be born while democracy continues to protect the interests of the adult population. The latter cannot be done satisfactorily unless the former is done first. But in today’s world, with much sorrow I have to say, that both Democracy and Law is used to protect the interests of adults almost exclusively. How foolish we have been! Using all the great ideas of democracy, justice and equality and the governing machineries based on these principles exclusively for the protection of adults! Laws to protect children (especially since they cannot vote) ought to be powerful, all pervasive and unstoppable in order to be effective.

Because children are so carefree, and seldom complain, we take it for granted that they are happy. But have we treated them fairly? Even the child who begs seems happy. A normal life is the right of every child, whether it complains or not. Stop trying to create jobs for all the adults. It will get us nowhere. We have to start from the children. If we cannot take care of them now, then certainly we cannot take care of them when they’re grown up adults. Stop trying to provide higher education to everyone. If the children don’t get their basic needs fulfilled because there is no law that sees to it that it’s done, whatever is done to provide education to the youth will not be much effective, the education being of lower quality and not being within the reach of all. Because, if there is not enough for infants, how can there be enough for youngsters? If there’s not enough for youngsters, will there be enough for adults?

And so all our social work and social order is futile because it serves to secure mainly the interests of the adults, in a democracy, where only adults vote. This is where democracy fails. It asks the opinion of adults, not the weaker, younger, dependant portion of the population, since they are too young to voice their opinion or even think for themselves. So instead we must have a powerful law that secures their interests and thus fill this void that democracy cannot hope to fill. Democracy does not secure the weaker, younger, dependant population. The law that makes up for this shortcoming, the Parenthood Financial Capability Law, is the message of this book, and is the plug that can fill a large gap in democracy and hence make up for its greatest shortcoming. To achieve maximum effectiveness, this law secures the interests of children to a reasonable extent before they are even born. Basic needs of human beings, which are greatest and most disregarded at childhood, have to be secured for equality, justice and harmony to follow. These in turn would have ensured peace, national security and harmony. We have fought for equality and justice. Now we have to fight for the rights and needs of every newborn child. We really don't have to fight for them; we only have to make their existence a prerequisite to parenthood. For, if we had done so in the beginning we wouldn't have had to fight for equality or justice, peace or freedom. All these would have followed, without the bloodshed it required otherwise.

The greatest inequality is the inequality among newborn human children. The greatest injustice is the one committed to a child when he is denied food and water. How can any nation be at peace with itself when such injustices are being increasingly committed each day?