Message of the Perfect World

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Failure of Socialism

I do not believe in socialism because no one has the right to prohibit a good standard of life, by limiting either a person’s property or his income. But we do have the right to limit the offspring if the offspring cannot be provided for. Equality of income and abolition of property? Socialism does not work because man has an inherent right to attain as much as he wishes to and is capable of achieving in life. The PFC law, on the other hand, only prevents human living standards from going below the acceptable level; it does not prevent living standards from going above a set limit. Socialism prevents living standards from going above an average level but fails in preventing it from going below an acceptable level. Socialism focused on abolition of property and equality of income, not on ensuring those things and hence fails in preventing them from becoming scarce, causing living standards to hit rock-bottom levels. Therefore it failed in all countries where it was experimented with. It was a system that prevented the rise of general human living standards, not the fall of it. The PFC law will bring about a system where people are not born into unacceptable living standards, thereby ensuring that there are no unacceptable living standards anywhere in the nation, to fall back to. It eliminates the existence itself, so to speak, of low living standards and therefore completely eradicates low living standards from the face of the earth.

What do we want to do: Prevent the self-expression and advancement of men or ensure it? Are we to reinforce or ease the limitations of the individual? Our aim is that no one should suffer, not that no one should prosper. How wrong is the latter! Socialism forgets that it’s original aim, and all of humanity’s is to prevent living standards from going below acceptable levels. It instead tries to prevent living standards from going above a certain level and hence fails in it’s and our true aim, too: Ensuring acceptable living standards.

The search for answers is now over. We now know how to end poverty, overpopulation, crime, unemployment and prevent ecological crises. All we need to do is enact a law and enforce it. The PFC law. We can stop all of our other public assistance programs because they amount to nothing but wastage of time, money and natural resources.