"Different cultures have different notions as to what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. It can be fairly said that certain cultures tend to inhibit the individual while others tend to liberate the individual and allow him or her to be the best that they can be. A climate conducive to the creation of strong, well developed individuals will doubtlessly go hand in hand with a glorious history as well as a sensible, less superstitious culture."


"All we care about is what rewards God will give us or the fame that will come to us or the gratitude of those we help or just for the sake of keeping tradition or some other selfish reason. All this is hard work. The easy work is to strike at the very roots of disparity and suffering. But we don’t even think about and find out the roots because we would be opposed by those who seek fame, gratitude, acceptance in society and other selfish things through the pretence of helping the poor and the suffering. The poor must exist to satisfy their ego and selfishness."


"Being born with more, makes the person better equipped to snatch more than his share while the less equipped (less money) cannot do the snatching which consists of socially acceptable snatching. The poor, the less equipped and the ones born into poverty are all the one and the same. They cannot afford to do socially acceptable snatching. They are often not even equipped to do the socially unacceptable snatching either, but the rich manage even this type of snatching better than the poor, simply because they are better equipped for it. The poor amass. Finally, they do the worst and most unacceptable types of snatching and find themselves branded as criminals by society. All the while the real criminals pass off as not just normal people but as people worthy of admiration and respect just because they make snatching from society look respectable and right and can afford to do it that way. The person who can get his way is the person who seems right in the eyes of society but has bent its accepted norms and rules to the maximum possible extent. He is admired and respected."


"If there was enough for you in this world, you wouldn’t have to crave for attention, food, shelter, love, good looks, acceptance by the group, discard your beliefs and way of life to survive. It is the lack of resources (or money) that deprives you of attention, food, shelter, love, etc., and pressurizes you to be good looking, acceptable and submissive to the will of others, finally giving you a low sense of self-worth, making you feel worthless."


the perfect world theory



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