"Imagine a world where your ability to contribute does not matter at all. Is it possible? We are drawn to the people and things that give us something, contribute. So it will always matter. But suppose all your needs from birth to death: food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education - are paid for before you are born. And suppose it is the same for everyone else. Everyone (including you) would not be looking out for ways fulfill their needs and desires – they would already be taken care of. No one would care about other people’s ability to contribute. If they want more than what has been paid for before their birth, then they would look around to see as to who can contribute to their happiness. If not, they won’t. And if they don’t, there ends racism, classism, sexism – all forms of biased treatment. Actually there ends your power to treat others in a biased manner, because others’ needs would already be taken care of."


the perfect world theory



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