"The PFC law truly is, the law that ought to have existed before any other. For, without requiring that birth be under respectable conditions, we cannot successfully require that life be under respectable conditions. If we do, then we would need a host of other laws to govern and safeguard that human dignity and respectability in every matter and detail; at every place and at every time, which obviously as history has shown, is not only impossible, but also ineffective."


"Fairness will then be truly maintained because it is applied to the very birth of humans. Fairness in life will automatically follow fairness in birth. It is the only way the infants born in this world can be required to be treated fairly. It is the only way we are going to put a bar on human value, a permanent bar that is not allowed to come down. A bar on human value that is immune to changing circumstances and times. A bar on human value that can only be increased with the passage of time but never decreased."


"This is not an aim or achievement; it's a responsibility to ensure fair treatment and mutual respect. It's a responsibility to ensure that people will not be driven to kill each other for money. It's a responsibility to ensure that people do not have to cheat and lie to earn their living. It's a hugely overlooked responsibility, the responsibility of ensuring birth into basic financial capability. Enough financial capability to make theft and dishonesty unnecessary. Enough financial capability to make overexploitation of natural resources and extinction of species unnecessary. Birth into basic financial capability, if ensured, would result in a fair, just and self-sustaining humanity."


the perfect world theory



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