"Basic needs of human beings, which are greatest and most disregarded at childhood, have to be secured for equality, justice and harmony to follow. These in turn would have ensured peace, national security and harmony. We have fought for equality and justice. Now we have to fight for the rights and needs of every newborn child. We really don't have to fight for them; we only have to make their existence a prerequisite to parenthood. For, if we had done so in the beginning we wouldn't have had to fight for equality or justice, peace or freedom. All these would have followed, without the bloodshed it required otherwise."


"The problems of the world remain because people think that they are incapable of finding real solutions and pushing through for their implementation. We are afraid of the possibilities of bloodshed and revolutions. But listen! In this book has been presented a bloodless and potentially effective solution to all problems afflicting mankind. Further progress is not needed. Only extension of the fruits of progress is needed."


the perfect world theory



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