"A law that can make a thousand other laws redundant and unnecessary while making the absolutely indispensable ones more potent. A law that achieves many long-aspired goals and thwarts many imminent catastrophes at once. A law that causes global prosperity, population control and environmental sustainability at once. The law which ought to have existed before any other law. Such is the PFC law. However, like any other law, it will be no good, even with such wonderful potentialities, if it is not effectively enforced."


"The fact that escapes us is that more than 60% of the babies being born every second, minute, hour or day are born to these very people and are in all probability going to live out that very fate. If we at least begin to recognize this fact, we would suddenly feel the urgency in stopping this as quickly as possible. This catastrophe that is facing us and is continuing to face us without relent, is also the parent of many other disasters that we face today, foresee in the future and that alarm us, while we do not still see the real catastrophe causing all others. If we do see it, we would want to run for cover, so great are its implications. The grossness of the unequal treatment that is going to face one newborn child born every second into poverty, for the rest of his or her life will become absolutely incomprehensible."


"Any moment a catastrophe could occur, either manmade or natural. Such is the state today. Gradual progress towards doom is taking place as the environment is spinning out of control with storms, hurricanes, floods, heat waves, etc. becoming more common and causing more destruction each year. That wouldn’t be the case, if human progress was catching up and protecting us from environmental imbalances. That there is a way out if we seek out the true and simple reason or cause behind it all is something yet to enter the consciousness of mankind."


the perfect world theory



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