Thoughts on a Perfect World


    You can do nothing about it if without acting in any inferior manner, you are still labeled as inferior at birth and throughout your life by everyone you know. This would lead to a denial of opportunities for growth in all spheres throughout your life. Consequently your productivity will be lower, which causes society members to reaffirm faith in their concept of who’s superior and who’s inferior, reinforcing the inferior status given to that particular color, gender, community, etc., keeping that group forever in poverty and oblivion.


    If we truly want to wipe out racism, we ought to realize that it is just another name for color-preference. If blue is your favorite color, who am I to call you racist? People will have preferences. People have a right to have preferences. To dislike certain people. To like certain races. To dislike certain races. Or colors. Or anything else.


    What if the majority of the population is racist in one way or another (because they dislike people of a certain kind – race, color, sex; certainly no one likes everyone, or everything for that matter)? They still cannot hurt the people they dislike or disapprove of. The solution is not to punish the offenders but to empower the offended so that none can offend them. To destroy the offender’s power to offend by empowering the offended. At childhood is one most weak. Most likely to be offended, hurt, the effects of which magnify into adulthood. If childhood is empowered, the roots of all social ills will never form in society. And we can build a perfect world.