Thoughts on a Perfect World


    For a Perfect World, this is what we have to do first: No compromises should be made on child well being. No child should be allowed to be born into an unhealthy environment. If possible, this should be made sure of even before the child’s parents are married.


    Unless we value the formative years of the unborn child and make no compromise whatsoever on that value, besides increasing that value regularly, humans will continue to get lesser and lesser than what they deserve and live in more and more inhuman conditions.


    What the government should do is stop the pouring of milk completely and begin adding sugar, minerals and vitamins to the milk. If they try to make the bowl bigger, as well as add sugar and nutrients to the milk, without stopping the pouring of milk, there will never be enough sugar and nutrients for all the milk. Soon, the government and people have to make compromises on the amount of sugar and nutrients they really need.