Thoughts on a Perfect World


    Simple. We are human beings. We can’t be born in slums. We can’t be born in crime-infested, hostile neighborhoods. We can’t be born in disease-infected, unsanitary environments. We can and should only be born in financially secure environments, which can take care of our health, food, shelter, education and protect us from both the influence and effects of crime, violence and pollution.


    We have laws that do not allow crime. Wouldn’t a single law that prevents the seeds of crime from being sown be enough to replace all the other laws? Seeds of crime, namely hunger, ignorance, hatred and greed are factors that come mainly from and exist as consequences of poverty. The law that prevents children from being born into poverty, then, is the law that will end crime.


    We cannot hope for a crime-free society without first nipping off the buds of crime before they get a chance to form, i.e., preventing the very circumstances that promote and sow the seeds of crime.