Thoughts on a Perfect World


    Today, most countries follow democracy. Why is this so? The people of a country ought to decide what is best for them and democracy ensures that the people govern themselves. This is quite the opposite of dictatorship. But is it close to our real ideal? Doesn’t anyone of us want to live in a perfect world? If people govern themselves, make the laws and decide their future, is that close to perfection? Of course it isn’t. Perfection is every human being treated like a human and not a single human being treated like an animal. Will democracy erase the sheer hopelessness into which most humans are born every day? The endless poverty?


    While communism and dictatorship are regarded unacceptable, forms of capitalism in the U.S.A and Europe are regarded acceptable. Rules laid down in all these places do inhibit a lot of humans from growing up to their full potential or having a fair share of life. Even the unacceptable features of today’s democracies ought to be removed if we want a fairer, more just world.