Thoughts on a Perfect World


    Only when we do not let the population grow unsustainably, can we let the underprivileged live with dignity. The same goes for the handicapped and all people with disabilities. To give them a fair life will not be possible till the nation ensures that the rest of its population is always self-sustaining. Its not a favor that we are doing the underprivileged or disabled person, it’s ensuring his or her right to live with human dignity. Before each person is born, it must be ensured that the resources for his or her survival and growth are available. If we succeed in doing this, the person born would have his or her basic rights and needs successfully met, whether the person born is mentally or physically challenged or not. Once we succeed in doing this, only then can we mobilize resources for special aid or protection. When we are unable to meet the basic needs of people, whether challenged or not, we cannot hope to provide the extra special aid to all those who need and rightfully deserve it.