Thoughts on a Perfect World


    The economy will not suffer due to stagnation of population growth because purchasing power previously distributed unevenly among many will be concentrated more evenly in the hands of a few. Therefore, lower average individual purchasing power will be replaced by higher average individual purchasing power, while the national purchasing power remains the same.


    Once all people do not have to work for a living, only those who wish to become a parent or acquire a luxury will work. But who will provide such intermittent employment? The existing industrial machinery and business environment would not go away in a single day. They will continue to exist, but be far more mechanized, causing human intervention to be minimal. Therefore, a shortage of human labor would aid the economy through mechanization and consequent improved standards of production. People who want to amass money for luxuries or other purposes will still be in plenty and they will continue the business and economy of today. They will find ingenious ways to amass money and enhance the economy, just as they do today.