Thoughts on a Perfect World


    Elections could be used to decide the level of basic financial capability required to become a parent. Options could be: None, $500, $10,000, $15,000. Such elections could be held every 2 years or so, so that people have a chance to determine or reassess what standard of living their children should be born into and brought up in, according to varying economic and social conditions. Now the people can not only decide who rules them but also their own future living standards. Ultimately, that is what democracy and elections are for. So that people would decide who can give them a safe and acceptable standard of living. The people’s judgment of the election candidate’s ability may prove to be right or wrong, but through the entire bureaucracy and government machinery under the election winner, the final effects of their choice is hardly ever what they had thought would be. If people decide the minimum standard of living they wish to be born into, they are deciding their minimum standard of living, if not for themselves, then for their children. They are deciding both the living standard of their children and the general living standards surrounding their children.