Message of the Perfect World

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The End of Racism

This is a world wired to your ability to contribute. We are a people wired to contribute. Our society, our progress, our crises - are all products of such a system. A system wired to contribute. If you are a cute and pretty baby, you make people happy, give them pleasure, and that's a contribution. If you can sing or dance, you make people happy, that's a contribution. If you have any such abilities with which you can contribute, you are considered valuable. Is it any different at adulthood? Your ability to contribute determines your value.

If we truly want to wipe out racism, we ought to realize that it is just another name for color-preference. If blue is your favorite color, who am I to call you racist? People will have preferences. People have a right to have preferences. To dislike certain people. To like certain races. To dislike certain races. Or colors. Or anything else.

Racism is not the problem. The problem is people being valued on how much they can contribute. The problem is that your value depends on your ability to contribute. Your value should not depend on your ability to contribute, don't you think? As a human being, you have a certain innate value, whether you can contribute or not. Instead of a society where it is ensured that everyone is treated with a certain minimum value, we have a free-for-all system where people's ability to contribute determines their value and therefore if they are perceived to have no ability to contribute, they have no value at all and hence are treated below the value of a human being, i.e., as if they were animals. All the suffering in the world can be seen as the instances when people don't have the ability to contribute or are perceived to be so and hence are treated as valueless by society and consequently end up living below the status of a human being. Large chunks of humanity do not have the ability to contribute usefully or are perceived to be so and hence, they are considered valueless by society.

Technology was meant to ease human suffering, but since it can contribute in a better way, the contributing power of masses of human beings becomes meager by comparison. They become valueless, and in a system where human value is determined by your ability to contribute, are treated below the status of a human being. Those in the possession of such technology are treated many times over the status of a human being since they are contributing (with the help of technology) many times over the ability of an average human being.

Imagine a world where your ability to contribute does not matter at all. Is it possible? We are drawn to the people and things that give us something, contribute. So it will always matter. But suppose all your needs from birth to death: food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education - are paid for before you are born. And suppose it is the same for everyone else. Everyone (including you) would not be looking out for ways fulfill their needs and desires - they would already be taken care of. No one would care about other people's ability to contribute. If they want more than what has been paid for before their birth, then they would look around to see as to who can contribute to their happiness. If not, they won't. And if they don't, there ends racism, classism, sexism - all forms of biased treatment. Actually there ends your power to treat others in a biased manner, because others' needs would already be taken care of.

What if the majority of the population is racist in one way or another (because they dislike people of a certain kind - race, color, sex; certainly no one likes everyone, or everything for that matter)? They still cannot hurt the people they dislike or disapprove of. The solution is not to punish the offenders but to empower the offended so that none can offend them. To destroy the offender's power to offend by empowering the offended. At childhood is one most weak. Most likely to be offended, hurt, the effects of which magnify into adulthood. If childhood is empowered, the roots of all social ills will never form in society. And we can build a perfect world.